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The Cypress Police Foundation is a support organization providing extra resources to the Cypress Police Department. Through a network of generous local businesses and individuals who provide financial support, the Cypress Police Foundation funds specialized projects and equipment for the Police Department. These resources enhance the effectiveness of the police services in our community.

Recent economic times and the City's fixed budget base have created the need for a Foundation such as ours. The business and residential communities rely on an effective public safety sector in order to provide a safe and reliable market place. The Foundation is comprised of businesses and members of the community who want to see our officers with the best equipment, training and practices to provide community services. Through continuous improvement efforts and the implementation of lean principles, we work together to keep the Cypress Police Department on the cutting edge in all areas.

The Cypress Police Foundation in partnership with citizens, businesses and philanthropic organizations, shall provide resources to the Cypress Police Department to enhance the Department's ability to serve at its highest level in improving public safety, decreasing crime and making Cypress a safer place to live, work and visit.

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It should be noted that  80% of the Cypress Police Department's budget goes to salary, benefits and operating costs. This only leaves approximately 20% of budget appropriations for training, equipment, and technology. These are the areas of concern the Foundation will focus on and support.


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George Savord, Retired Cypress Chief of Police

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