BMX guyIf you haven’t attended one, you are missing out. The Open House, held each May, is a great way to showcase the Police Department. With tours, displays, food, and demonstrations, there is something for everyone. At last year’s Open House, the Cypress Police Department had ‘Team Soil BMX’ perform. The team highlights bike safety and discusses hot topics like bullying and living a drug-free life while wowing the crowd with amazing BMX tricks and flips. The team did their standard 45-minute performance of high-flying BMX action. Best of all was the “jump over the Chief” presentation.

There were over 2000 attendees at Open House 2016, many of whom are our youth.

The giveaway grand prize was a BMX bike. In addition, 24 certified bike helmets were given away. The Cypress Police Foundation is proud to have funded events at the Open House with a grant of over $3000. We hope to see you at Open House 2017 on May 6th. Check the CPF and City website for more information.

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