A grant request was submitted to the Cypress Police Foundation for the purpose of funding the purchase of a replacement PSD (Police Service Dog) . The Cypress Police Department has two K-9 teams and unfortunately, one of the PSD’s suffered an injury which required the premature retirement of the dog.

The value of K-9 units is not limited to supplementing police operations in apprehending suspects, locating narcotics and contraband, assisting in searches, etc. These K-9 units are a key part of maintaining strong community support through demonstrations and personal community interactions with the officers and the PSD. In other words they are PRICELESS!

The total cost of purchase, training and other necessary equipment drives the cost of a replacement PSD to approximately $20,000.00. The replacement costs associated with this PSD are not part of the operating budget of the police department. Given the value of this unit to the police department, the foundation considered the request and through the generosity of Forest Lawn Mortuary and Los Alamitos Medical Center, each donating to the foundation, CPF was able to fund a significant portion of the expense of the purchase of the dog, thereby making replacement a reality rather than an uncertainty.

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