Members of the Board of the Cypress Police Foundation would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the May 2018 Cypress Police Open House. We enjoyed talking with each of you.

One visitor to our booth stood out.

Johnny Whitlock had visited our booth at a previous public event, attracted by a display of stuffed K-9 dogs dressed as Cypress Police Service Dogs (PSDs). The two available color schemes mimic the two Cypress PSDs, named Sem and Pasko. The young man went away, disappointed and empty handed, on learning that a stuffed PSD was given as a thank-you gift for a minimum donation of $50 to the Cypress Police Foundation.

But here he was again, escorted by his family and Cypress Police Chief Rod Cox.

In the time since his previous visit, he had saved up his allowance and earnings. Now, with a broad grin, he stuffed our donation box with his coins and dollar bills while everyone around cheered and clapped. Then he triumphantly chose his own dog from the collection displayed on the table beside the donation box. (For the record, he chose a black stuffed PSD, like recently retired Cypress PSD, Sem.)

Not only that, but his donation was immediately matched by David Macdonald, the President of the Cypress Police Foundation!

The Board of the Cypress Police Foundation would like to thank this thrifty and generous young man, and his family, for his donation.

We would also like to thank everyone who donated this month — either at the Police Appreciation Luncheon or at the Open House. Since the functions of the Foundation are performed by volunteers, you can know that a very high percentage of your donations go to support the Cypress Police Department above and beyond their everyday requirements.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our Donation page.